Australian Regulations for Pool Fencing

Australian Regulations for Pool Fencing

Building a pool on your property can bring a certain sophistication to your home and it has great health benefits, besides the ability to cool down when it’s hot.

If you want a pool on the Gold Coast, or already have one, you have to abide by state regulations and build a fence for safety around the pool.

At Quality Glass Solutions we can provide elegant glass pool fencing on the Gold Coast.

Why Do I Have to Build a Fence?

It is Queensland law to have a compliant safety fence around your pool.

Children drowning is one the most common deaths in the state.

Therefore, installing a fence or barrier can help prevent unnecessary accidents.

You, as the owner, are responsible for making sure the pool fence is in good condition and follows the rules of the safety standard.

If your pool barrier doesn’t comply, the City of Gold Coast may enforce action.

Compliance Check:

  • Is your pool registered?
  • Is the entire perimeter of the fence at least 1200mm in height?
  • Is the bottom of the pool fenced no more than 100mm off the ground?
  • Are all climbable objects 900mm away from the fence?
  • Are all climbable objects on the inside of the pool fence at least 300mm away?
  • Is your fence permanent and well maintained — ensuring it is fixed securely and any repairs done efficiently when needed?
  • Do your pool gates open outwards away from the pool?
  • Does your pool gate self-close and self-latch?
  • Is the latch 1500mm above the ground?
  • Do you have a CPR sign displayed in the pool area?

Glass Pool Fencing

An alternative to ugly wooden fences can be glass barriers, giving your pool area a sleek and pristine look, while complying with the safety standard.

They are not intrusive to look at and give an aesthetically pleasing finish.

Glass pool fencing on the Gold Coast are becoming more popular due to their benefits and overall look.

If you have to abide by the laws and regulations, why not do it in style and keep your beautiful garden and pool looking elegant and sophisticated.

Glass barriers still remain strong with stainless steels or aluminum spigots firmly attached to the concrete base.

Tempered glass is heated at over 700 degrees Celcius then cooled quickly, to produce glass that is tough and unlikely to crack.

They are easier to maintain as they don’t rust, need painting or any other maintenance except perhaps an occasional hose down.

While it’s still a good idea to be close by, the fences are transparent so you can keep an eye on young children without having to be directly in the pool area.

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