Benefits of Installing Glass Balustrades

Benefits of Installing Glass Balustrades

If you’re deciding what kind of railings to add to your balcony, make sure you consider your best options. Quality Glass Solutions can confidently report that glass balustrades on the Gold Coast are trending markedly.

Glass balustrades are sleek and elegant. They lend a refined, modern touch to railings, fences, and balconies. Pristine glass allows light to flow unhindered.

What are Glass Balustrades?

Made from stainless steel or aluminum, glass balustrades comprise a series of short, decorative pillars that support panels of glass.

It’s immediately clear (pun intended) why these solid glass safety barriers are so popular for fencing around swimming pools. And, of course, glass balustrades are required to comply with stringent Australian safety standards.

As a barrier for stairs, balconies, and mezzanines, it’s hard to go past them for safety and sensational looks.

Glass balustrades can be made from tempered, structural, textured, solid, curved or opaque glass and you can opt for fully frameless, semi-framed or fully framed.

Why Should I Install Them on My Balcony?

Glass balustrades on the Gold Coast have all but become the default choice for several reasons. Sea-changers keen for the Coast lifestyle are always going to be drawn toward the light. They’re not alone. Tree-changers too want natural light filtering through from the great outdoors, to light up the spaces inside their homes.

Thanks to their transparency, glass balustrades allow property owners and residents to appreciate their surroundings whether they’re out on their balcony or looking out toward their garden, pool or to the gorgeous views.

Providing no visual impediment, glass balustrades create the illusion of more space in your home. Once you install them, you will begin to appreciate a new, more expansive and open feeling in your home.

It’s not difficult to see that, in a property listed for sales, the impact of glass balustrades on the home’s interior, brings added value to the proposition.

They are eye-catching and give your home an elegant appeal with a modern touch. And, while looking minimalist and providing a modern edge to your decor, they are also extremely safe. Made of tempered glass, this is thick safety glazing, impervious in all but the more extreme of situations to breaks and cracks. Being so durable, safe and capable of withstanding general household mayhem, glass balustrades are perfect for homes with children.

Glass balustrades are easy to maintain. They need no painting, coating or oiling. The fittings holding the glass panels won’t corrode. They are made from stainless steel or aluminum. All that is needed is an occasional wipe down with a mild detergent.

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