Deciding Which Pool Fencing Is Best for Your Home

Deciding Which Pool Fencing Is Best for Your Home

Swimming pools are essential for any Australian home, and in Queensland if you own a pool you need to secure it with the appropriate type of pool fencing.

Gold Coast homeowners who are thinking of updating their fencing need to think about the security of the pool, the features of the fencing, and the materials that it is made from.

Quality Glass Solutions can help you to understand why it is so important to pick the right pool fencing

Protecting people from the pool

Despite the attraction of a swimming pool, it can pose a risk to young children, pets and those who are not able to touch the bottom of the pool safely.

Previously, easily accessible pools were the cause of a number of unfortunate deaths, which is why Queensland decided to pass a law requiring fencing around swimming pools. 

Ensuring safety

Your first priority should always be the safety of the pool fencing.

The wrong kind of fencing can fail to protect visitors including children, meaning that you are not complying with the law.

Only the right fencing, providing security including a fully locking gate, can provide the right kind of fencing. 

The right fence

To comply with the law, your fence must be at least 1.2 metres high, with a very low ground clearance.

It must be strong enough that children can’t squeeze between bars or fence posts by widening the gap, and must be able to withstand heavy impacts, and without any designs that could create footholds for climbing. 

Aluminium fencing

Aluminium fencing typically uses bars which are connected to railing.

These fences must not have rails which form footholds, and must ensure that children can’t climb them easily. 

Glass pool fencing

When you install glass fencing from Quality Glass Solutions, you will get safety glass which is secured by upright posts that are bolted or fixed into concrete.

There are a number of styles, including frameless and in-ground fencing, all of which can be used for attractive safety features around your pool area.

Finding suitable fencing

If you are looking for high quality glass pool fencing for your Gold Coast property, then Quality Glass Solutions are here to help.

We can help you to find the perfect swimming for fencing, offering both style and protection.

To find out more about how we can assist you, reach out to us online, or call 0401-470-138 now.

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