Semi Frameless Full Post

With so many choices of glass pool fencing systems today, we understand that it may be just a bit confusing for customers to choose what is best suited for their property. That’s why we, at Quality Glass Solutions, want to give you moreinformation about the systems we have so you can choose the product best suited to your lifestyle.
A semi-frameless glass pool fence simply means that the glass panels are mounted and supported by full length posts which act as a frame, but only partially. We use both wet and dry methods of locking the glass in place depending on your preferences, and suitability to the structure. The wet method uses silicone to attach the glass to the post while dry uses rubber to make sure the glass is securely wedged in place. We typically use and recommend a toughened 10mm thick glass panel for this type of fence.
It’s important to know and understand the stability and integrity of the ground you’re building on. This is one of the biggest factors in determining the type of glass fence most suited for your property. If the ground is not ideal for a fully frameless glass fence, looking into a semi-frameless system with posts is an available. Since posts will support the glass all the way up, it provides for a sturdier and stronger fence because each panel, including the posts, adds to the rigidity of the entire fence.
You can even have one installed in your hardwood porch, as long as your deck has double joists below making sure each and every one of the posts can be installed securely. Like in most glass fences, the more dense your base, the better it is for the entire system as it lessens the risk of shifting. This guarantees safety and that your fence will stay intact and not off square.
Is semi-frameless glass pool fence system the best one for you? The panels have fewer tendencies to bend as the posts will keep it rigid and in place. If you like, you can explore combining this system with other types to suit your vision and budget. And since the glass panel is thinner by 2mm than that of a standard fully frameless fence, it may mean you will save a little bit more.
Learn about the best fencing system for you and your property by taking advantage of our no-obligation, free inspection and quote. Contact us.

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