Semi-Frameless Three Quarter Post

QUALITY GLASS SOLUTIONS Semi-Frameless Three Quarter Post

One of our types of glass pool fencing is a semi-frameless glass pool fence with ¾ posts. What is ¾ post pool fencing, you ask? This means the glass panels for the fence would be supported by posts a little shorter than the panels themselves. While the glass panels have to be at least 120cm high to meet safety requirements, the posts only need to be 90cm from the ground up.
Even though the posts are not as high as some systems, the glass panel still is 10mm just like that of a usual semi-frameless glass fence. A sensitive part of putting a ¾ post system instead of a full post is if it’s shorter than it needs to be, the whole structure might not pass safety regulations. This is why we make sure posts are at least 90cm above the ground as they are compliant to pretty much every pool fence guideline and regulation. With this specification, the risk of being climbed on is greatly eliminated and the Gold Coast City Council will deem it compliant to their standards of safety.
Both wet and dry glazing is available for this fence system. Glazing is the method used to affix the glass panels to the posts. Wet glazing uses a special silicone to set the glass to the post and dry glazing uses rubber to tightly hold the glass in place. The type of glazing to be used on your fencing will rely on the combination of the immediate surroundings and your own preferences.
Aesthetics are the biggest factor in choosing between a ¾ post and a full post system. While the two may differ a little in their looks, both offer the same quality and safety standards required of a pool fence. It’s important that you tell us exactly what you want at the time of inspection and quote so we can suggest the best one for you. With a ¾ post, the glass may have a bit more flex to it compared to a full post system however, this difference is minute. Give us a call to discuss this, or any other of our glass pool fencing options. We can help find the best product for you.
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