Visible Channel Fix

Quality Glass Solutions understands and appreciates your wants and needs in a fencing system. That’s why we make sure we speak to our clients and learn what you’re really after. Investing in a quality fence is important for longevity. We offer a range of systems to choose from.
You may encounter a channel fix system when choosing a fence. This means the glass panels, that will serve as the fence itself, will not be mounted or held in position by spigots. Instead, a gully is developed for the glass to sit into. If you’re not interested in the sight of spigots protruding from the ground, this will be something you might want to seriously consider.
While the usual post or spigot will be missing from the equation, we still use high quality 12mm thick toughened glass panels. Beginning with a sturdy concrete foundation, an aluminum channel is then fixed on the ground with a plastic insert to make sure the glass panel is not leaning on the hard concrete surface. When all of this is in place, the panels will then be inserted into the channel and will be fixed with a friction system; ensuring the glass will not wiggle or shift.
While the thought of having to cut concrete and fix a channel just to put up a fence may seem a little bit more invasive than what you’re prepared for, you will end up with a glass fence system without spigots and posts that may change the view of your property. Because the channel will hold the bottom 10-15cm of the glass panel, and will be rectangular in shape, this will create a clean pure look that would be impossible with spigots.
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