Fully Frameless Spigots

Fully Frameless Spigots

Pool fencing has undergone many transformations throughout the years. People now have many designs to choose from. Being a customer-driven company, we know how important it is that our clients understand the options available to them and what will best their needs. Some of the elements to take into consideration are:

  • Compliance to pool safety
  • Building code regulations
  • Design
  • The environment
  • Matching them to a previous system
  • Your budget
A fully frameless glass pool fence system is one of our most popular choices. This system consists of panels of glass mounted on spigots or metal posts, replacing usual frames that hold the panels in place.. The option to have this installed on a timber deck makes this quite flexible given the deck has enough joist timber for the installation.
Since the glass can weigh up to 80kg, it’s important to make sure they are set on solid ground to allow little-to-no slippage and prevent future maintenance. While some adjustments are tolerable, it should be noted that it may increase your overall maintenance of the fence. But when performed by Quality Glass Solutions, rest assured you’ll be the proud owner of a fully frameless glass pool fencing that will require no maintenance, except some cleaning here and there.
Strict rules regarding the panels’ spacing and the distance between the ground and the bottom part of the glass as well as the space between a structure’s side and glass are very specific for glass pool fencing. On the Gold Coast especially, all pool fences are subject to a Pool Safety Inspection and this is why we always recommend getting a professional to set-up and install the glass fencing.
What comes out are glass panels that seem to be hovering over the ground save the spigots holding them in place. With the convenience of having high quality toughened glass on the market, the popularity of the frameless style of glass pool fencing has been surging over the past few years.

Learn about the best fencing system for you and your property by taking advantage of our no-obligation, free inspection and quote. Contact us.

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