Most Popular Styles of Pool Fencing on the Gold Coast

Most Popular Styles of Pool Fencing on the Gold Coast

Glass pool fencing is probably the most popular and preferred type of pool fencing used on the Gold Coast.

Gold Coast locals and visitors enjoy spending time outside, especially in the warmer months, and glass pool fencing provides beauty and sophistication to the pool and front or backyard areas.

Besides letting you feel like you’re at a luxurious resort – as most leading hotels choose glass pool fencing to maintain high-end design and ambience – glass pool fencing has a variety of benefits.

Due to the transparency of glass, glass pool fencing usually provides a clear and direct view of the pool area.

This is especially handy if you’re keeping an eye on children and teens while they’re having some fun in the sun, or want to keep pets safe and prevent them from accessing the pool area.

Glass pool fencing is simple and stylish and also ensures that the surrounding gardens and views can continue to be enjoyed.

For example, for homes or properties that back onto the canals, beaches, waterways and parklands, glass fencing is ideal.

It is also ideal for those who enjoy views of the hinterland, that the residents want to enjoy whilst lounging by the pool.

Popular forms of pool fencing used on the Gold Coast include:


For those wanting a chic and classy option, frameless glass pool fencing can add value to your Gold Coast property by meeting safety requirements and providing unrestricted views of the gardens, views and other features surrounding your pool area.


Semi-frameless glass pool fencing is a sleek, modern, practical and economical option for those wanting the style and sophistication of transparent fencing.

Semi-frameless pool fencing allows homeowners and those enjoying the pool area to enjoy the surrounding views with minimal disruption.


Tubular or aluminium steel pool fencing is common and can be cost-effective, depending on your requirements, but doesn’t provide the quality aesthetic that most property owners desire.

This form of fencing can be time-consuming to clean, whereas glass fencing can take less time and effort, only needing a spray and wipe down or hose down.

If you’re looking for pool fencing on the Gold Coast, that provides safety without sacrificing your property’s visual charm, reach out the friendly team at Quality Glass Solutions for a free quote.

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Quality Glass Solutions’ glass pool fences are fitted to comply with local council safety standards.  

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