Frameless vs Semi-frameless Glass Pool Fencing

Frameless vs Semi-frameless Glass Pool Fencing

Modern pool frame design helps you get the most out of your pool and your view, as well as helping you adhere to safety regulations.

This doesn’t mean you have to compromise between accessibility and looks.

If you’re undecided, there are great options in glass pool fencing Gold Coast homeowners can choose. Here are some tips we find helpful for our customers.

Frameless Fencing

Frameless pool fencing gives the least obtrusive surrounds for your pool.

It works by attaching glass panes to spigots drilled into a secure surface around the edge of your pool.

These spigots are installed to the strictest of safety standards.

The glass panels themselves are heavy.

They are milled to the highest safety standards, and represent a considerable physical barrier.

They are usually 1m in height, which is the minimum required to comply with child safety standards.

This type of pool fencing appeals to many families because it is all but invisible.

The glass itself and the strength of the unobtrusive spigots provide the durability needed for adequate fencing.

There may be some gaps between the glass panes, but they will never be wide enough to get a full hand or arm between.

There are very strict rules regarding the gaps between panes.

Frameless is a very popular type of glass pool fencing that Gold Coast customers love.

Semi Frameless

Semi frameless fencing works by building glass panels that slide into a stainless steel frame.

This frame is a number of struts fixed into your pool surround.

These are precisely installed to accommodate the glass panels, without needing a top or bottom holding element.

This design of fencing provides almost total visibility to your pool and its occupants, as well as your view.

It is interrupted slightly by the struts, but these are sleek and appealing to the eye.

Semi-frameless designs are often popular with parents because they offer a slight deterrent to young, enquiring fingers.

Unlike frameless designs, there is no actual gap between the glass panes.

Although safety standards are exactly the same, some find reassurance in having a more visible element of their fencing.

Different designs of fencing also suit different premises.

You might find that semi frameless pool fencing enhances the look of your property more than frameless.

Costs are comparable, whichever you choose. For many people, semi frameless pool fencing is the best of both worlds.

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