Finding The Best Quality Pool Fencing On The Gold Coast?

Finding The Best Quality Pool Fencing On The Gold Coast?

We specialise in the installation and supply of quality pool fencing here on the Gold Coast.

At Quality Glass Solutions, we have the highest quality materials and an experienced team.

We install great looking, safe and great value fencing for any size of pool in whatever setting.

We have more than 35 years’ experience providing pool fencing on the Gold Coast.

Our team are experts in both glass and high quality aluminium.

We have designs to fit in with the style of your property as well as your budget.

Guaranteed Quality

Here at Quality Glass Solutions, we operate a Workmanship Guarantee.

This covers any work we carry out on your property, and lasts for 12 months.

We guarantee that we will install only the best quality pool fencing, to the highest specifications.

Should you experience any problems we will do our best to make sure we fix or replace any affected parts.

Durable pool fencing relies on the high quality materials installed by leading technicians.

With our guaranteed workmanship, you can be sure we have these covered.

We have many different styles of quality pool fencing, from completely frameless glass to semi-frameless glass solutions.

We also install sleek, tough aluminium fencing if that is what you need.

Our customers have different requirements for the type of pool fencing they would like to see on their property.

By offering a mix of materials and styles, fitted to the highest quality, we have the solutions to cover any eventuality.

Stylish Choices

For many people, pool fencing on the Gold Coast means frameless glass fencing.

As this is almost invisible, especially from a distance, it can blend in with architecture of any style.

It offers a sleek but safe barrier to comply with building regulations and health and safety measures, while allowing customers to keep their view uninterrupted.

This is often very important for homeowners on the Gold Coast.

All our fencing and self-locking gates meet safety standards designed to keep small children out of the pool enclosure.

Our designs use glass or aluminium in different combinations to achieve this result.

We have semi frameless fencing, which combines the benefits of glass panelling with the sturdiness of aluminium struts and top rails.

This type of pool fencing maintains much of the poolside view, and has the added visual appeal of looking more sturdy than glass.

Parents of young children often find this reassuring.

More reassuring still is our range of aluminium pool fencing.

This is manufactured to a high quality finish, which means it looks great and does not rust.

It also acts as more of an obvious barrier for inquisitive little limbs.

While aluminium fencing disturbs the view somewhat, it often fits very well with more traditional type gardens and classic architectural features on properties.

Find Out More

For more information of our great range of quality pool fencing on the Gold Coast, get in touch with us here at Quality Glass Solutions.

Contact us here or call us on 0401 470 138.

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