The Most Practical And Stylish Type Of Balustrade

The Most Practical And Stylish Type Of Balustrade

If you are looking for glass balustrade on the Gold Coast then Quality glass solutions have practical and stylish choices.

Our glass balustrade options provide both safety and visual appeal.

If your floor level or ground surface has a drop of more than 1m then it is necessary to have a handrail to comply with safety regulations.

The addition of a stylish and attractive balustrade can make your property stand out.

Glass allows the maximum amount of light through and can make the interior or exterior of a property feel brighter, and more spacious.

A well thought out balustrade can offer the sleek, designer look, and could add value to your home.

Glass balustrades are suited to many areas, including walkways, balconies and terraces.

They make an excellent home improvement choice for both indoor and outdoor areas of your home.


Here at Quality Glass Solutions we use 12mm thick toughened safety glass providing a durable, strong and safe option.

The safety glass is polished and has beveled edges on our frameless glass balustrade for our Gold Coast clients.

Specifically designed to comply with all industry building codes, and complying with Australian standards

The glass can be custom made by our professional team for any application of handrails, fittings and staircases.

As trusted suppliers, the most common fixings are:

  1. Bolting to the side of a wall using stainless steel stand-offs
  2. Using a mini-post sitting under the panel of glass, generally fixed onto concrete or decking
  3. Posts being core drilled, base plated to concrete, timber or steel and glass installed between posts.

Staircase Glass Balustrades

A glass staircase balustrade can be both functional and attractive.

Here at Quality Glass solutions we use 12mm thick toughened safety glass you’re your staircase balustrades.

We can custom design these to meet your needs.

Our professional team can inform you on the ideal solution to meet your needs and requirements.

We are professional and knowledgeable and have extensive industry experience in this area.

We will be able to help you design a solution using polished and bevelled glass, which can be custom cut for the area required.

Why Choose Quality Glass Solutions

Whether it’s a guard rail for a few flights of stairs or a handrail continuing over many floors, Quality Glass Solutions are here to help.

We are a family owned and operated company, with over 35 years’ experience and offer a 12 month workmanship guarantee on all of our work.

We are committed to offering our customers the highest quality products combined with the finest workmanship in the supply and installation of the best glass balustrade on the Gold Coast.

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Quality Glass Solutions can provide a no obligation, free inspection and quote.

Call now on 0401470138 or visit our website for more information.

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